2020 saturn transit effects on moon signs

It takes about 30 years for the taskmaster Saturn to cross all the 12 zodiac signs. Saturn is said to be the strict teacher in Vedic astrology. This transit in its own sign will be a feeling of coming back home after a long journey.

It is going to enter the Capricorn moon sign on January 23,will stay there for approximately two and a half years and then enter the Aquarius zodiac sign.

2020 saturn transit effects on moon signs

This is the house of fame and fortune, dreams, and religious inclination. This is an important transit for Taurus individuals as the planet is going to impact your luck. This transit will help you understand the importance of taking up responsibility with care and putting effort in various areas of life. During the phase till January 2.

Hence, you might have been concerned about your career and its growth, future progression, and better financial prospects. Also, there might have been issues related to your beloved one since long. You might not have yielded desired financial rewards during a major part of this period. But, there will be a change in your focus in the next phase. What changes are on their way to you?

Get your answers with the help of your personalized Saturn Transit Report. During the period after January 23,you may be more focussed on matters like getting your desires and benefits fulfilled. You might be strongly inclined towards religion, philosophy, and spiritual journeys. This will help you get some mental relief in your life. Ganesha feels that you will now be relatively tension-free.

You will try to maintain a very good rapport with the people around you. This time can prove to be a favorable phase for you, given that you work with determination. Saturn will teach you patience in handling situations with the superiors in your professional life. Make the best use of this Saturn transit which is going to shower miraculous fortune and fame on you.Saturn takes approximately 30 years to cross all the 12 zodiac signs. It is said to be the strict teacher in Vedic astrology.

It's time that the Capricornians welcome the taskmaster in your own sign. The feeling of Saturn coming back home will now be experienced after a long time. The transit starts from January 23,and will remain for approximately two and a half years.

It will enter the Aquarius zodiac sign after April The deity has a long-lasting impact on individuals of all signs in various areas of their life. For the Capricornians, Saturn is the Lord of the 1st and 2nd house. It is going to enter the 1st house in your birth chart.

This is the house of self. This Saturn transit will make you a superpower in your own self if you understand what it is hinting at. Emotional disturbances are most likely during Saturn's transit over the natal Moon. You will have to make some positive changes in your perception. Try to indulge in activities that will help your mind to get refreshed.

Read about the remedies to nullify the effects of Sade Sati on you. The transit of Saturn in Sagittarius had made you more inclined to spend. Hence, you might have received unexpected results of your efforts. Sudden expenses would have disturbed your overall planning. You might have experienced some unwanted emotional turmoil with your beloved ones. This could have affected peace and harmony.

While trying to travel abroad or visa related matters, you might have faced delays and obstacles in your path. When Saturn will transit to your own sign in January, the middle phase of Sade Sati will start for Capricornians.

Saturn In Capricorn – Effects of Saturn Transit on 12 Moon Signs

Stay ahead of all the challenging times and tackle problems rightfully with your personalized and comprehensive handwritten Sade Sati Report. During Saturn transit in Capricorn starting from January 23,chances of entering an encouraging relationship will be very high. But your introvert tendency may keep you frustrated.

You might feel low and lazy while handling your routine tasks.

2020 saturn transit effects on moon signs

You need to balance your emotions and thoughts during this phase. This phase has exam papers that might be challenging for you. You need to prepare well in advance to top the exam that this hard master is going to bestow on you. Though Saturn moves slowly and delays things impactfully, it makes sure that you understand the pace at which you need to work things out.

Tackling situations with logic and practical approach will make you successful. The Saturn transit will make you brave warriors if you take the lessons with positivity and humility. Jaya Parvati Vrat Know when jaya parvati vrat fast will come in Read about jaya parvati vrat importance, rituals and other factsThe transit of Saturn in Capricorn, taking place on 24 th January is going to be a significant cosmic event.

According to Vedic astrology this transit is going to have massive effects on the lives of people belonging to the 12 moon signs, however the range of these effects will vary for each sign.

Some signs will be majorly effected, on a more cautious level, while some will have mellowed results on various aspects of their lives.

To understand the intensity of this transit we must know that on the 24 th of January the lord of the tenth zodiac is going to hold the reigns of its empire and thus, will operate on free-will.

This will be the time to align with the energies of Saturn and be as obedient and sincere as you can be, to derive the desired results in the near future. This might give tough times with unpredictable events, but during this excursion you will be able to create a strong foundation of grit and stability for a victorious life ahead. In between Saturn will retrograde, as well. The retrograde period of Saturn will demand persistence, perseverance, patience and honesty.

You will need to be attentive to embrace insightful learning, and cosmic intelligence through meditation. During its transit in Capricorn, Saturn will also have the company of Jupiter, in between. During this time, you will get to learn the value of commitment and gain the knowledge of managing your finances well.

As mentioned above, the transit of Saturn in Capricorn will have a conspicuous influence mainly on six signs of the zodiac belt. The effects of this transit on these six signs is outlined below:.

In Gemini, Saturn will occupy the 8 th house, during its transit in Capricorn. This will largely impact the following areas of life:.

The above mentioned areas will be negatively affected due to the influence of Saturn on the malefic 8 th house. There will be sudden losses, unexpected and unpleasant events happening around you, during this phase.

There will be a draining effect on your health and wealth and you will struggle to maintain the sanity of your mind. Inclination towards spirituality will be your saving grace, but only to the extent of maintaining the equilibrium with reality. A pull towards deep learning and extensive research will be experienced, at this time.

Gemini natives will have to be highly cautious of their health, during this time. Sudden spells of illness may drain out the physical and mental energies of the native. Care should also be taken while travelling and driving, during this transit phase. The diagnosis of these diseases will be seemingly difficult, making the recovery stressful and strained.

It will also cause troubles in your family life and wealth accumulation.New to AstroSage? Sign Up. Forgot Password? Forgot Username? Coronavirus: stay at home Leave your home if it's necessary. During the same year, Saturn will retrograde in Capricorn from 11th May till 29th September, after which it will become progressive.

2020 saturn transit effects on moon signs

The planet will be in combust during the month of December, which will significantly decrease its impact. The Zodiac Signs, Sagittarius and Capricorn have already been facing Sade Sati period and Aquarius will be the one to join their team during this year.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius. As the transit will be in Capricorn, it will lead to significant changes in the life of natives of all Zodiac Signs. Saturn is associated with justice and discipline. Just like a mentor, who directs us to the right path and punishes us when doing anything wrong, planet Saturn guides us.

When Saturn will transit into Capricorn, it will teach a lesson that success can be achieved by means of hard work only.

Effects of Saturn Transit in Capricorn in 2020 on 12 Zodiac Signs

The transit will be the period which when utilized will open the gateways to success. It will give the opportunity to shape a better future. The transit will have different impacts on the people belonging to different Moon Signs.

Given below are predictions with which you will be able to unveil what the transit holds for you. Saturn rules tenth and eleventh house in a horoscope.

Init will transit into your tenth house, also known as Karma House according to Saturn Transit Hard work done by you will deliver amplified results.We would not like you to confuse this sign with your Sun Sign. Saturn being the slowest moving planet in the universe has deep and enduring impact on any moon sign. For a Cancer ascendant, this transit will mean more hard work, patience and endurance to accomplish their objective. Saturn will transit in Capricorn on 25 th January and will remain there till 30 th April During this transit period, Saturn will retrograde from 11 th May to 29 th September For a Cancer Ascendant, Saturn will be placed in the 7 th house of relationships and from there it will impact three major areas of your life:.

Besides, during the transit, it is placed 12 th from the 8 th house, which is detrimental to the well-being of a Cancer ascendant. This scenario, for a Cancer moon sign, implies that you will face sudden losses due to the wrong decisions taken in an unstable state of mind. You need to take necessary caution while taking decisions related to finance, investments, buying a house or making any significant expenditures, during this transit period.

Your health will also see unexpected setbacks and will need attention and care. Apart from physical health, sexual life will also be a matter of concern. Your increased involvement in work may tend to take you away from your home. You must strive to strike an effective work-life-balance to counter this effect of the Saturn transit period.

saturn transits in capricorn sign 2020

In the birth chart of Cancer ascendant, Saturn will aspect the 1 st4 th and 9 th house, during its transit in Capricorn. You will feel detached and depressed, which will result in developing a pessimistic attitude towards life.

Saturn wants you to go back to your roots, and if you oblige by following your family tradition or by making a connect with your cultural values, in some way or the other, you will reap the benefits in due course. The 4 th house in a birth chart is considered very crucial for it indicates feeling of happiness, contentment, property, relationship with mother and peace of mind. Being in its own house, Saturn will not adversely impact the above mentioned areas of life ruled by the 4 th house but success on all these fronts will be delayed.

Though by the end of it, you will have a more experienced outlook towards life. You will have a feeling that you are putting in a lot of hard work but nothings is going right for you.

The influence of Saturn in its transit in Capricorn will test the commitment levels of a Cancer ascendant. Success will be delayed, but not denied. The challenges in both personal and professional life can only be dealt with honesty and hard work. Join Us - As a Panel Astrologer ccare indastro. Login Sign Up. Saturn transit in Capricorn: How will it impact Cancer moon sign?After lots of adventure and fun in its house, Sagittarius, Jupiter will be transiting in Capricorn from March 30, Now, Jupiter is all set to have fun in the house of Saturn, Capricorn until June 30, After almost thirteen years, Jupiter is getting debilitated in Capricorn and will trigger a powerful stellium in Capricorn.

The natural enthusiasm of Jupiter will somewhat be suppressed as it will not feel like home in Capricorn. Also, Jupiter is in conjunction with a strict teacher, Saturn in Capricorn. However, Jupiter will intelligently find creative ways to bring its agenda of being hysterically funny, adventurous, optimistic, and will deeply and profoundly influence the life of the natives of all zodiac signs.

It will provide growth, generosity, and abundance by following the house rules of Saturn. Under all limitations and restrictions, Jupiter will still do its job to amplify all the areas of life represented by the house in which it is transiting.

Will the transit of Jupiter in Capricorn and sharing the roof with Saturn a boon or doom for you? Kindly note: the below predictions are mentioned according to Moon sign. For Aries natives, Jupiter is the lord of the 9 th and 12 th house. During the transit, Jupiter will be passing through the 10 th house, the house of career and fame.

2020 saturn transit effects on moon signs

The transiting Jupiter in Capricorn is likely to bring stability in your career, says Ganesha. Your superiors seem to be happy with your sincere efforts. They may reward you for your hard work and dedication at the workplace. In case you are thinking of changing your job, you are likely to get some nice offers which may help you achieve career goals.

However, if you choose to continue with your current job, you are likely to do well with that too. Excel in a current job and get a timeline for a job change by inspecting Personalized Jupiter Transit Report.

If your promotion is due, you may soon receive it. New projects and new responsibilities would demand you to work with double enthusiasm. Ganesha says that your enthusiasm and highly energetic approach to work would not go unseen and unrewarded. For Taurus natives, Jupiter is the lord of the 8 th and 11 th house. During the transit of Jupiter in Capricorn, it will be passing through the 9 th house, the house of destiny and long-distance journeys.

You are advised to restore your ties with old professional contacts and colleagues either by calling them or drafting an email. You are also advised to widen your contact base by getting in touch with new professionals through the Internet and social media. You are likely to meet intelligent and experienced people, and in the course of your interaction with them, you may learn new things. Ganesha says that it would be the best time to solve all the queries by discussing it with the management.

Know the best time of handling queries and challenging situations from Personalized Jupiter Transit Report. As you would be able to put your point across in the best possible way. For Gemini natives, Jupiter is the lord of the 7 th and 10 th house.

During the transit of Jupiter in Capricorn, Jupiter will be passing through the 8 th house, the house of adversities and legacies. The matters regarding joint resources and finance would be your prime concern as Jupiter will be transiting through the eighth house. You may not be content with your financial share in personal as well as professional life.

Ganesha advises you to set up firm guidelines for financial distribution and entitlement. Get insights into firm guidelines for financial distribution and entitlement by availing Personalized Jupiter Transit Report. It may be an inauspicious period to acquire a loan, ideally from financial institutions, as you may face difficulty in meeting the repayment terms.Astrology considers Saturn as the most beneficial and important planet out of all the planets in the Solar System.

On 23rd JanuarySaturn will leave the Sagittarius Sign and will start its transit into the Capricorn sign. Saturn transit in Capricorn will be one of the most sought topics of astrology in the coming months. Transit of Saturn is one of the wisest among the planetary transits. However, it will have a very significant impact on all moon signs and will keep benefiting or impacting a person for 2. The Saturn transit in Capricorn will be good news for the Capricorn moon sign in the year Moreover, the Capricorn moon sign will enter into the second phase of Sade Sati.

It means that you will feel immense pressure and over-burdened with work and responsibilities. As Saturn is the ruling planet, it will help you work more efficiently even in your bad times. The transit of Saturn is going to affect every person and you need to be ready for facing any hurdle that may come across your way in However, you will feel the transformation within yourself throughout the year.

A feel of good results which u might get are:. Sagittarius is the Ninth zodiac sign which is ruled by Jupiter. The things which might affect you during this period are:. The transit of Saturn in Scorpio will take place in the third hous e House of Siblings. However, Saturn riles communication, self-effort, courage, happiness from home and short distance traveling. The results are likely to be as:. Things that might tickle during this period are:.

However, in things might turn against you. However, things in the sixth house will start manifesting during this period of Saturn transit. The transit of Saturn in Cancer will take place in the seventh house house of marriage and business.

The Cancer moon sign is ruled by none other than Moon itself and it stands for mental and emotional strength of a person. The outcomes are likely to be:. However, the movement of Saturn to the Eight House from your moon sign is not considered auspicious and as a result, you may feel burdened or suffer from bad health. The transit of Saturn in Taurus will take place in the ninth house house of fortune. However, the major areas of concern for the Taurus native will be their boss, luck or fortune, rules, and regulation, and disciplined life.

The transit of Saturn in Aries will take place in the tenth house house of career. However, this transit of Saturn for Aries will affect your business partnership, your relationship with your spouse and the other companions that play a major role in your life. The transit of Saturn in Pisces will take place in the eleventh house house of income. However, during this transit, your level of confidence will rise and will help you face the difficult problems and challenges coming your way during this period.

The transit of Saturn in Aquarius will take place in the twelfth house House of Spirituality and Expenses. However, your hard work will definitely pay off extremely well if you are determined to put in twice the hard work and effort in your tasks and works assigned.

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