Gsg 1911 22 extended magazine

I have a video in the making but it is really easy. All you need to do is removed the basepad and spring. Then push out the little black pin in the factory follower that is used as a load assist tab.

gsg 1911 22 extended magazine

Then the follower should fall right out of the bottom. I was able to get 15 rounds loaded with no problems at all.

I appreciate your quick reply - I will be ordering a few more base pads just wish the mags weren't so expensive and the handy thumb-saver loader. Great products! Hey Nic Taylor. Whats total coast with shipping? Klein umulius71 on youtube One of your fans :. Did you find a dealer in your area? If so send me a link to their product.

I'm curious to see what it looks like. Plus I think others in Europe may want to know what options they have sine I can't ship outside the US. I live in Norway aswell, and i'm considering bying a gsgand i looked at your products, and i'm wondering why you cant ship outside the us I'm interested, but if shiping is a problem i cant get very far.

The language is kinda fuzzy but it basically makes shipping gun parts out of the US a crime. Most of the people that I know that work in the firearm industry do not ship outside of the US for fear of violating some kind of rule overlooked. It doesn't stop Brownells shipping outside of USA.

GSG/SIG 1911-22

They happily supply parts for my guns. Perhaps you could get them to stock your items Nic? I think though the regs apply to parts like barrels and frames for which export certs are required. I think Brownels pays lots of money to get around the rules. I considered seeing if they would carry the basepads but have not pursued it.

Hey Nic. What is the wait time on shipping, and do you provide a tracking number? I Bought 3 through paypal and never got an email, conformation, tracking number, etc.

gsg 1911 22 extended magazine

The payment was cleared immediately. Yes sir, I apologize. They just came in a few minutes ago. I wasn't expecting them today.Write a Review. Add to Wish List. Questions about this item? Ask here. See 1 Questions. Availability: In Stock. Put me on the Waiting List. Quantity Add to Cart. Now you can bring the capacity up to 14 rounds in each magazine you carry adding a lot of additional firepower.

The added bright color aids in inspecting the magazine to ensure that it is unloaded. This follower installs easily and has a load assist hole that allows you to insert a tool, allen key or similar to facilitate easy loading of all the rounds.

Do not purchase this item if you have a billing or shipping address associated with these locations. View All Reviews.

GSG 1911 Magazines

Am just getting around to writing this review. I own 2 of these 's made by GSG. Have a total of ten mags and bought 2 to test. No more fumbling reloads at our steel matches. I have shown them to several people in our local club and I know of at least three who are like me and have ordered multiples. Keep up the great work Tandemkross. Did you find this helpful? Ordered two of these for my wife's GSG which I shoot Worked great.

Easy install. No feed issues ran each magazine 4 times, slow and rapid fire. When I installed these into my clips I began to have failure to feed issues. I am thinking that the spring tension was just not enough to handle these. Once my magazine load reached the normal 10 rounds the magazine had no issues feeding then.

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American Tactical Imports GSG 1911 .22 Lr 10 Rd Magazine Black GERMM1911

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Cmmg, Inc Cmmg Magazine Ar Tap Tap to Zoom. Customer Reviews. Read More These are factory magazine. The system says I have to write more in order to accept the review. What do you say about factory magazine? This was my second order 6 mags each time. I use these with Kimber 22 conversions, both target and compact models. These weren't blued steel and appear to be stainless. Not a problem.

I chose these because others recommended them over the Kimber plas Came fairly quick. Works great. Will definitely order more. You can never have enough mags lol quality is superb and fits perfectly into my gag Subscribe to our newsletter to receive interesting offers and amazing discounts! Google has removed all gun related apps from Google Play store.

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gsg 1911 22 extended magazine

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Add to Wish List. Questions about this item? Ask here. See 4 Questions. Availability: In Stock. Put me on the Waiting List. Quantity Add to Cart. Description Customer Reviews Questions and Answers. Don't be fooled by aftermarket 2 piece guide rods that can disassemble during firing. Our 1 piece full length guide rod is designed to outlast the pistol and never cause failures, we guarantee it!

It is precision machined from stainless steel and will add needed support as the slide cycles. Includes a high-cycle performance spring and guide rod plug. These pistols have considerable slide to barrel wobble.

Every time the slide cycles, it tracks and locks forward differently with every shot. This leads to a decrease in accuracy because while your sights don't move on the slide, the barrel below just did. Fortunately there is a cure with the included Tapered Alignment Cap for the barrel. This provides a consistent and positive lockup of the barrel bushing and slide. Machined with a target crown The kit also includes a polished Match-Grade barrel bushing that fits very tight on the slide to aid in accuracy when paired with the Tapered Alignment Cap.

This also adds to the cosmetics of the pistol as the polished Stainless Steel looks much better! After installing the Accurizing Kit, you no longer have to install the barrel screw on the frame. This eliminates the problem of changing your point of impact every time you disassemble the pistol and reinstall the screw at a different torque.

Due to tighter tolerances in the Accurizing Kit, a barrel bushing wrench may be required for installation. Get yours today!

View All Reviews. Great product! It absolutely transformed my wife's SIG from a so-so performer to an accurate one. Highly reccommended! Did you find this helpful? I was not aware of this, if i knew about it, i would not have wasted my money. Kit is very well made. Huge improvement over stock performance. Quality is top notch.

Great part about the kit is you no longer have the barrel screw. Overall, I was pretty disappointed in the quality of my Sig It is certainly not made with the same standards that were applied to my original 9mm components. That being said, this kit made a mediocre conversion kit feel much more solid and dependable. The rubber shock buffer got all beat up after only 80 rounds, but that didn't seem to affect the performance of the kit.Assure that the spring is in the pocket of the basepad.

Due to the nature of this item and international regulations ITAR we will not sell to anyone that is not in the United States. All international orders will be canceled. It is the users responsibility to verify any legal conflict with the use of these parts. Nav Menu 2. Average Rating: 4. The High Capacity Magazine Upgrade converts your factory 10 round magazine to a 16 round magazine!

With a round in the chamber and 16 in the mag, that's 17 rounds in gun! The extra length is a great feature for pistols with magwells where seating a flush magazine can be difficult. Additionally the aluminum construction is more durable than factory plastic basepads making your magazine less prone to breakage upon dropping. Choose between the old style Orange or the New Enhanced Blue follower from NicTaylor with improvements over the old orange style.

The engagement tab for the slide lock has been increased to help with fully engaging the slide lock. Additionally the rear pin on the follower has been redesigned to help reduce follower tilt and give more reliable feeding. If you have had issues with the orange followers in the past, you need to try this new enhanced follower.

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Review of GSG 1911 (.22) : shooting, speed and accuracy

Blue NicTaylor. Installation Instructions. Related Items. Colt 22lr Standard Basepad - 5 Pack. High capacity.The GSG is fast becoming a very popular pistol because of its classic styling, affordable price tag and the even more affordable. With the affordability of.

The CW loader assist button is a great way to save your thumbs from all that loading, it also makes a great tool to help disassemble your mags and punch pins on the GSG CW also makes a guide rod and recoil spring for the GSG Their recoil spring is matched with their guide rod and is said to help enhance the function of the GSG slide, which is known to be a bit finicky at times with certain ammo. Perhaps their coolest accessory for the GSG is their compensators.

Another pretty cool accessory from CW is their anodized aluminum base pads. You can find all of the accessories above at CWAccessories. Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Armory Blog. Standard Manufacturing S Thunderstruck Revolver. I am in love with the grips, where did you get them? Where did you get the oversize mag release?

I tried a Wilson but, it does not fit. As stated in the article you can get them at CWAccessories. Follow Us! Recent Post. Ray - April 5, 0. We're living in some trying times, many thousands of people are suffering from the COVID pandemic. Many millions more are in lockdowns and quarantines Latest Reviews.

Dean H - March 3, 1. Stepping intoit seems that two-piece gun belts have swept social media. The designs all work on the same principle, with an inner Timber Vaults Concealment Mirror Review. Contact us: info armoryblog.

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