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The Lyran Star Empire is the name of the official state of the Lyran species. Not much is known about it except that it is somewhat feudal with many Lyran Counts serving as rulers on other worlds. This also, unfortunately, has the side effect of resulting in many internal conflicts within the empire.

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This has prevented the race from actively stretching their rule to dominating the galaxy. There are approximately 21 counties, each of which are ruled by a Count. Four of those counties are duchies which are led by a single Lyran Duke. Each county pays and supports the Lyran fleet; providing it with necessary maintenance while the local county controls the local border stations.

The duchies are known to make use of starbases. The Lyran Star Empire are an advanced species; making use of warp capable starships, disruptor weaponry and Expanding Sphere Generator technology that aids in their defence.

lyrans wiki

The Gorn Hegemony developed Gravitation Density Distortion Sphere technology which is said to be a creation of their own which works somewhat similar to the expanding sphere generator.

ST video game : Starfleet Command. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Cancel Save.Present artistic director Jutta SeppinenMMusbegan her tenure in the autumn term of The two choirs give several annually recurring concerts together. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Lyran disambiguation.

Academic Female Voice Choir Lyran n. Lyran Web page. Retrieved 20 November Lyran Web page in Swedish. Retrieved 23 November Academic Male Voice Choir of Helsinki n. Akademen Web page. Archived from the original on 9 November Retrieved 19 November Uppslagsverket Finland Printed and online encyclopedia in Swedish Online ed. Eerola, Jari n. Vanha Ylioppilastalo Web page. Helsinki: Royal Ravintolat. Federley, Stefan; Holmlund, Dennis, eds. Singer memories — ] in Swedish.

Forsell, Sandra 25 February Kvist Dahlstedt, Barbro Collective identities in the Finnish student singing — ]. University of Gothenburg. Pulkkis, Anna Finnish Music Quarterly. Runn, Iris, ed. History ] in Swedish. Student Union of the University of Helsinki n. HYY Web page. Thesleff, Thomas Akademen — Finnish Music. Translated by Binham, Timothy; Binham, Philip.Lyrans was the name given to them by their patron goddess Lor, but the name tagged to them when they first were found by the Elves was 'wind elves', and to many races that named stuck to them.

Another nick name given to them was Children of the Earth or what the plane they live on. Their are three different kinds of Lyrans, Wild, Street, and Temple.

Their is no physical differences between the three. They tend to be childish and act the part to throw off people, they often hide the fact that they are Lyrans, playing the part of a human or an elf's child, and some times a full grown teen. Each one's personalty differs from each-other, but the two main archetypes are the 'stand out' and the 'fade in' ones. Street Lyrans were owned as a slave or as an adopted child, they ether out lived or ran away from their owner, they set up shops or live as thieves around human or elf cities, using their child like appearance to gain sympathy.

They tend to resent elves for capturing them and selling them in the first place. Unless raised by other Street Lyrans they were taken from their family and sold in to this life before they escaped.

They normally build their houses to sit medium sized people if they own one. Unless they have a pet they tend to be scared of dogs. They tend to form grand underground networks of crime that rival most guilds.

Wild Lyans are tribes that were not captured by the elves.

Lyran (3.5e Race)

They farm and live near rivers to power their mills, they do this so that they can make the flour for their cakes. At first they welcomed all races, but as elves had captured and enslaved some tribes they do not welcome in large groups of people, a small party of eight could come easily come in without warranting too much from the guards.

lyrans wiki

They normally build their houses to sit small sized people if they own one. They hold no fear in their heart for any normal animals. Despite their size Orc tribes that share a hunting ground near a Wild Lyans tribe often show a respect for them. Temple Lyrans were taken in by temples, Mage schools, or Bard collages.

They pick up the trades by those who take them in and adapt to life as an every day item in the production of it. These tend to be the more sheltered of the three and are normally not taught anything they do not need to know.

Unless raised by other Temple Lyrans they were taken from their family and sold in to this life before they were taken to the temples, schools, or collage. They often go out with adventures to help improve their worldly knowledge. They appear to be normal humans or elves, they age at the same speed until they reach the age of 6, then they reach what is physically adult-hood for them, but they advance as a human would maturity wise. When they train they get just as much out of it as anyone else, but they do not look the same as some one who has, they retrain a softer look that keeps their child-like appeacne.

lyrans wiki

If they have a child with another race then the child will seem perfectly normal, until it reaches the age of six, at this time they start aging at a decreased rate. Mothers who survive often raise the child up to the age of six. Before the a organization known as God's Hand found the wild tribes of the Lyrans, they had little to do with any outside government.

After God's Hand found some of the wild tribes, they were sold in to slavery, often to elderly couples and to temples. This is how the three fractions were made. Lyrans often get along well with any race that will accept them. A group known as the 'Fireflies' are a gorilla army army that is trying to free all enslaved Lyran.Support sarna. The Lyran Commonwealth is one of the major Successor State of the Inner Spherelocated in the coreward, anti-spinward region of space relative to Terraand traditionally regarded as the wealthiest.

For the majority of its history, the Lyran capital was located at the Triad on the icy world of Tharkad. The Lyran Commonwealth allied with the Federated Suns in the FedCom Accords ; the Federated Commonwealth alliance was percieved as a single entity since the wedding of Melissa Steiner to Hanse Davion and the Fourth Succession War they launched on the eve of their weddingthough technically the two realms remained separate until Victor Steiner-Davion inherited rule over both parts of the Federated Commonwealth in The Lyran Commonwealth is renowned for its strong economy, powerful nobility, and its military policy of promotion based on pedigree as well as talent.

Unfortunately for the Lyran state, the promotion of so-called " Social Generals " has resulted in a military of varied capabilities.

Even though incompetent "social generals" are not the rule, the prevalence of many poor officers has hindered the Lyran state throughout its history. Though the military history of the Commonwealth is filled with missteps, the Lyran state has endured for many hundreds of years based on the capabilities of its industrial base and by the merits of the rare, capable officers produced by the system. The Lyran Commonwealth was formed in as a merger between three mercantile alliances, the Protectorate of DonegalFederation of Skyeand Tamar Pact.

The founding charter called for nine "Archons" to rule to nation, but the impracticality of this system led to a coup by the leader of Donegal, Robert Marsdenwho declared himself Archon Basileus in August An invasion by the Draconis Combine in resulted in the death of then-Archon Alistair Marsdenbrother of Robert, in Rule fell to his wife, Katherine Steinersafely ensconced on the new capital of Tharkad. The reign of House Steiner had begun.

The Lyrans lost territory to their neighbors, but in the tide turned when Operation Prometheus [2]gave House Steiner plans for powerful new war machines, BattleMechs. The Age of War gave way to the golden era of mankind, watched over by the Star Leaguewhich the Steiners pledged to join in The Commonwealth economy prospered during this era, but it did not last.

The 1st and 2nd Wars blasted the Inner Sphere back into the industrial age as total war resulted in the deaths of millions, cities were destroyed, and JumpShips annihilated. The 3rd War lasted generations, but saw a return to the Ares Conventions that limited the collateral damage. The Commonwealth traded worlds with the Free Worlds Leaguebut steadily lost ground to the Combine. Though they all rebuffed her, First Prince Hanse Davion of the Federated Suns was intrigued and the duo began a dialogue that resulted in an alliance the betrothed Hanse to Katrina's daughter and heir, Archon-designate Melissa Steiner.

Coinciding with their marriage ceremony on Terra inthe two nations launched invasions of their neighbors. The Commonwealth used Rasalhagian revolutionaries to their advantage during the Fourth Succession Wartaking many systems away from the Combine. These gains were neutralized when Theodore Kurita recognized their independence inforcing the Lyrans to give up their hard-won planets to the nascent Free Rasalhague Republic.

The abortive War of was intended as a full-scale invasion of the Combine, but the surprising strength of House Kurita caused the allied nations to rethink their intentions, calling off the attack in short order. The two nations merged together more closely after the failed war, resulting in the informal creation of the Federated Commonwealth.

Because of his younger sister's manipulations, he quickly became unpopular among his subjects. Katherine Steiner-Davion seized on the opportunity and invoked war powers to secede the Lyran half of the nation from the alliance, calling it the "Lyran Alliance", and signed a peace treaty with Marik, resulting in the creation of the Chaos March. The powers recognized the need for cooperation to end the Clan threat, resulting in the resurrection of the Star League.

Archon Katherine offered Tharkad to host the Whitting Conferences, though her scheming never resulted in assuming the mantle of First Lord for herself.

Lyran Star Empire

When Victor led a task force to Clan space to ensure the destruction of Clan Smoke JaguarKatherine seized on the opportunity to take over the remaining half of the Federated Commonwealth. Though he initially did not contest Katherine's reign, Victor's hand was forced in Katherine's loss in the civil war allowed Victor to set the lines of succession.Lyrans as a species are aggressive and prone to internecine strife, indeed the external frontiers of the Lyran Star Empire have remained static for considerable periods of Lyran history due to this.

Lyrans generally possess an abiding racial hatred of the Kzintione which is more than amply reciprocated by said race, while also disdaining the methane-breathing Hydrans. Interestingy, DNA evidence exists showing a common ancestry between the Lyrans and the Kzinti, yet neither race take what to their ears is a highly offensive suggestion lightly.

The Lyrans have been allies of the Klingons on numerous occasions, such as during the Four Powers' War and the far more destructive General Warin which they very nearly succeeded in reducing their hated Kzinti foes to subjugation, and the two races have jointly conquered and occupied the territory of the Hydrans on more than one occasion.

This weapon is quite powerful and consmes a lot of energy, but has many uses. Firstly, it can destroy incoming missiles and fighter craft. It can also be used offensively to ram enemy capital ships. This weapon is unique to the Lyrans although Orion pirates may fit stolen versions and is also widely feared by missile ships or carriers. As the name suggests, a sphere of energy is created around the ship. This sphere will be of a certain strength, depending how much energy is diverted to it.

When it hits a missile, shuttle, fighter, or, indeed, other ship, as much energy as possible damages the target until either the target is destroyed or the field runs out of energy to 'attack' with and collapses.

The field will, however, eventually disipate of its own accord anyway. It endures roughly the same amount of time it takes for a phaser or Fusion cannon to cool down after firing. Energy chanelled in does not affect how long the field endures, merely its strength. An interesting curiosity that can be observed is the fact that ships inside the range of the field when it is activated do not take damage.

Battletech Lore - What are Warships?

This is because the field is, in essence, hollow. In this way, a ship can become trapped in the field until it falls. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This Star Trek -related article is a stub.Lyra is a small constellation around 25 light-years away from our planet, that surrounded by Hercules, Cygnus, and Draco. The brightest star in this constellation is Vega, and Vega is also one of the brightest stars visible from Earth!

Being such an ancient civilization, Lyrans are incarnated into many other star systems also such as the Pleiades, Sirius, and Arcturus. They have developed into a race that spans many galaxies, now inhabiting thousands of planets and dimensions up to the 9th. Lyran Starseeds are the oldest souls in our whole galaxy. They played a unique role in the creation of humanity, offering the element of fire to Earth and seeding the first souls to Atlantis.

Their teachings promoted a strong work ethic and the use of physical energy to the Atlantian and Lemurian races. Reptilians have aided, helped and gifted them in many ways. Over the millennia they have had many disagreements and even wars with the reptilians. Today, however, their relationship is harmonious but complicated. Feline features are often prominent in Starseeds originating from Lyra, with noses and eyes looking particularly cat-like. Although they look like humans, their skin and eye colors are different and depend mostly on the position of their home star.

Starseeds from Lyra have plenty of experience incarnating onto different planets and this is evident in how they choose to exist. When they arrive at a 3D world, they enjoy experiencing it to the utmost. These Starseeds operate fiercely in the physical dimensions. Mastering the energies of the divine masculine, they understand the power and effectiveness of hard manual labor. These Starseeds are highly spontaneous and persistent and always have extremely high energy.

Because of this vitality, they want to be involved in many activities. There is always a fresh beginning for them to learn new subjects. They immerse themselves in the physical world to the max, indulging in good food, drink, and music.

When they are surrounded by people who have the same soul origin as theirs, they easily step up into positions of leadership. Assertive, and with the natural ability to give orders, they have a sense of underlying authority. People organically gravitate towards them and trust their opinions.

ARE YOU A LYRAN STARSEED? 12 Signs Your Soul Belongs To The Galaxy’s Oldest Civilization

However, there is a depth of sensitivity beyond the surface. They are extremely supportive of others during their hour of need. Lyran Starseeds work very hard, but they are always looking for ways to do things more efficiently. They have their own way of doing things. They have the ability to absorb information easily and work out their own solutions to their problems as easily and as quickly as possible.

They are interested in the paranormal and are attracted to anything metaphysical. They love being connected to the spirit realm and can often communicate telepathically.

Lyran (3.5e Race)

They want to serve and expand up the dimensional scale and have a keen interest in the advancement of nanotechnology, space travel, and sciences. Objects of power such as crystals, sacred objects, and other tools will also intrigue them.They are about the size of a large Human and possess a great deal of strength. They are naturally aggressive and prone to internecine strife which affects their ability to expand.

They share a similar disposition with the Klingons along with an intense love for combat. They are also noted as being quite brutal as well as extremely violent in their dealings with other races. Nonetheless, the Lyrans are well acquainted with the saying "an enemy of my enemy is my friend. Hydran scientists believed that there was genetic evidence to suggest that the Lyrans and the Kzinti were related, something that greatly insulted both races and even sparked a war between the Hydran Kingdom and Lyran Star Empire.

The Lyrans were known to be bitter enemies of the Kzinti species with contact between the two almost always being dangerous if not deadly. Klingon warriors were noted as saying that it was better spending time in an interrogation booth than be caught in the middle of a Lyran-Kzinti blood feud. TOS video game : Starfleet Command. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The Lyrans are a sentient, bipedal, felinoid species who share many characteristics with the Kzinti and Caitians. They formed a spacefaring government known as the Lyran Star Empire.

A Lyran They are about the size of a large Human and possess a great deal of strength. Categories :. Cancel Save.

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